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Some Email Guidelines Documentation
Sunday- June 12, 2011 @ 18:52:59 UTC General
Writing email can sometimes be a little daunting for those who are not really good writers but it doesn't have to be work of art. Just keep it simple and remember to try and follow the following tips:

  • Keep it Brief- You are not writing a book. Most people do not read more than two or three paragraphs in an email so say your piece and be done with it.

  • Keep Your Subject Short- Sometimes long subject lines are worse than no subject lines at all. Just use a couple of important keywords that describe the emails intent.

  • Check Your Spelling and Grammar- Always use the spell check tools included with your email program as most people are annoyed when spelling and grammar are lax. If you don't care, why should they?

  • Don't use Emoticons and Acronyms- Don't use emoticons or acronyms in your business emails they are fine in a personal email but you want to look professional with your business clients.

  • Don't use ALL CAPS- Using all capital letters in your content is defined as shouting at your recipient and no one likes to be shouted at.

  • Limit Carbon Copies (CC)- Don't send copies to everyone on your mailing list as sooner or later clients and even friends will start ignoring you. The email can grow quite large after continuous CC'ing to everyone.

  • Greet your recipients- Make sure you greet your clients with their name as this is a form of respect and professionalism.

  • Include a closing- Always include a closing with some sort of signature to let your recipient know that you are finished.

  • Retain the thread- When you are replying to emails, try to include the message(s) in the context with your reply at the top so the recipient can follow the discussion.

  • There you have it! With a few simple guidelines you can send emails to your business clients without irritating anyone and showing some courtesy.

Remove the Reply All Tab in Outlook and Outlook Ex Documentation
Friday- March 05, 2010 @ 19:21:38 UTC General
I think everyone has at one time or another clicked the reply all tab instead of the reply tab to send an email. Not really a bad thing unless you were sending some confidential information for one pair of eyes only. Here is how you can remove the reply all tab from the toolbar.
  • 1.On the Standard toolbar, click the drop-down control at the far right of the toolbar.

  • Choose Add Or Remove Buttons

  • Select Standard

  • From the list, uncheck Reply To All

  • You should also open any message and remove it from there as well. If at some point you need to use the reply all tab just replace it.
    •From the Action menu, choose Reply To All.
    •Or press [Ctrl]+[Shift]+R.

    For Outlook Express you must go to the View->Layout tab

    and then once in the Layout properties window click on the "Customize Toolbars" button

    and once inside the customize toolbars window click the "Reply All" to highlight it and then click the remove button in the center to move it to the Available Toolbars Selection box,

    click close then click apply in the Layout properties window and that is it. To put it back in just do everything in reverse.
    You can also go to "Message" inside of the message you are viewing and click "Reply All" there for that message.

    That's it enjoy!

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