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FAQ Answers: Hosting
  1. What is Website Hosting?

    Website hosting is the renting of website space and bandwidth through a company to publish your website to be viewed by other internet users.


  2. What is Virtual Hosting?

    Virtual hosting is the sharing of one server to host many websites, very few websites require the full power of a dedicated server so this is usually the most cost effective way.

    There are 4 ways that websites can host multiply websites by:

    • Hostname Based - The most efficent and unintrusive way of hosting websites. Most website hosts split their server this way.

    • Port Based - very rarely done, but is mainly used in hosting a different webserver or the website needs to be isolated from outside interaction eg. Intranet.

    • Server Based - It's possible to host separate webservers, this requires a lot of system reasources and is usually the least effective way of hosting.

    • Username based - Some webservers support the www.server.com/~user/ to host other websites which the users can only see their website. This method is very intrusive due to the fact the users have to browse to such a large and sometimes complicated URL.


  3. How do you handle legal issues with Van Isle BC Web Solutions?

    When we receive any legal issues that may relate to customers hosting, we first make sure that the message sent to us is legitimate by contacting the person or organization that raised the issue.

    Once we made sure the issue is legitimate, we then make sure that the content or activity in question exists and matches the legal issue raised.

    If the legal issue that was raised, wasn't part of the terms of conditions, the user will be clearly notified and a resolution will be made.*

    If the user doesn't reply in a weeks time, the content in question will be removed.**

    * - We reserve the right to ban or close accounts or remove content, but in most cases the customer will be contacted first before any actions are taken.

    ** - Depending on the content, we may remove or restrict it from public view immediately.


  4. Can I cancel anytime?

    You are free to cancel anytime you want. If you cancel within 30 days, the remaining balance of funds you paid, minus any fees you pay for a domain name, as domain names are non-returnable, will be refunded to you. After 30-days you can cancel anytime but you must do so within 5 days towards the end of your next billing cycle or you maybe charged another month worth of fees.


  5. Do you automatically disconnect someone for exceeding their bandwidth limit?

    Before you reach your allotted bandwidth transfer, notification emails will be sent to you. We will allow your account to go over 20GB of data transfer, unless you tell us to suspend your account in the meantime. Overage is charged at the rate of $2/GB over your allotment.


  6. Can I get a dedicated IP address?

    Yes you can but there will be a charge of $30 onetime setup fee and a $5/month IP maintenance fee. We try and discourage the use of IPs if you are not using SSL for your site. By offering name based hosting we also reduce our overall cost which we pass on to you in the form of low cost hosting plans.

    Our Silver and Gold Annual Hosting Plans also offer one free dedicated ip address as part of the original setup cost.  After that you are responsible to pay the annual renewal fee for the ip address.


  7. Where do I send my check/money order?

    Please make your check or money order out to Sportsman Fishing Adventures Ltd. This is our parent company and all payments will be made to them and show up as such in any third party payment solution emails or correspondence.

    Mailing address:
    Box 1113
    Gold River, BC V0P 1G0


  8. How do I calculate the Bandwidth & Disk Space required for my website?

    When looking for a good web host, keep in mind the bandwidth size you will need. To find the perfect bandwidth for your website, you need to multiply the size of each page that your site will need (an estimation will do) times the number of page views you are expecting to get per month. This way you calculate the actual bandwidth that will be consumed by your website and make the correct choice when it comes to purchasing a hosting package.

    Never underestimate the importance of these two features as they become crucial factors in keeping your website available to your customers, especially if you become a success and your website becomes very busy!


  9. How do I move my site from my old host to your servers?

    Transferring your account to us can be an easy process with zero downtime if done properly. To do so you only need a little preparation and allow for about 3-4 days overlap between the two hosts. Your primary concern is having control of your domain names. This is paramount as you will need to be able to change the nameservers for the domain name.

    Purchase a new hosting account with us at vanislebc.com.

    With your login information for your new account with us upload your web content to the new server and configure any email addresses you use/need via IP address (provided in the welcome email you received).

    Once the new server is tested and functions as needed via IP address, log in to your domain name registrar interface and update the DNS nameservers to (ns1.vanislebc.com & ns2.vanislebc.com)

    (optional) If you use a high traffic, database driven site, it is wise to setup remote access to the database on your old web hosting server during the DNS propagation process. This ensures that your database stays in sync and up to date all on one server.

    Continue to check email on both the old and new hosting servers via IP address to ensure that no communications are lost during the DNS propagation.

    After about 72 hours DNS propagation should be complete and if all testing shows your new account is fully functional you can close the old account.

    (optional) If you chose to use the optional remote access listed in step 3 you will need to shutdown your site using a temporary webpage or to let your users know there is some work in progross for a moment. Transfer your database from the old server, configure your connection script to use the "local” database, and turn your site back on.

    Close your old account at your previous provider and enjoy the luxury of true and unmatched hosting here at Van Isle BC Web Solutions!

    Following the above steps will prevent any downtime for your site and allow you to ensure that neither emails nor database updates are lost in the transfer process.

    Or you can request that we do the transfer for you for a fee. 


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