Server Migration and Operating System Upgrade

Server Migration and Operating System Upgrade

Hello everyone, sorry for the long time between posts.  We've been really busy at Van Isle Web Solutions and thought I'd better update everyone on our recent server migration.

Back in January we decided to migrate over to a new and faster server because we had to upgrade our operating system anyways. Centos 6.10 was due to expire and to upgrade to Centos 7 required migrating to another server as the old version couldn't be upgraded to the newer version on the same system.

We took our time so that the migration would be seamless and not require a lot of tweaking so your website would have as little of downtime and problems as necessary.

Along the way  we decided that a faster more secure server would be the way to go as we are getting a lot more interest in our services and our client base is expanding.

The server we settled for is an Intel i7-4720K 3.70GHz, RAMGB: 16.0, HD1GB: 3000, HD2GB: 3000, Port Speed: 1Gbps Unmetered 8 core system with CENTOS 7.8 cPanel & WHM Version v88.0.9.

There is a separate 3 Terabyte hard drive set up for weekly backups of all files on the server and also a Raid software setup to mirror the main drive in case of issues.

As before we have Chrootkit, ClamAV Anti-virus, ConfigServer Exploit Scanner, ConfigServer Outgoing Spam Monitor, ConfigServer Security and Firewall, InmunifyAV Malware Scanner, Mailscanner with SpamAssassin, MailWatch, Mod Security and Rootkit Hunter.

This ensures that security is tight and helps to relieve the workload when monitoring your websites 24/7.

If anyone finds issues or different things that weren't present before the migration, please contact us through our web forms and let us know. We will resolve them asap.

Talk to you later.

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