Strong Keywords in Your Content

Strong Keywords in Your Content

Welcome to the fourth post of our series "Search Engine Optimizing Your Page for Top Rankings".  This part will focus on using strong keywords inside your content to increase optimization.

When creating your page you should be thinking of keywords that are relevant and important to the content you are writing. Make a list that isn't too heavy on seo or industry jargon as your potential users aren't necessarily techies.  A broader search term list is always best. 

Always research your keywords based on your content and use a tool like Google Suggest to see similar words and phrases.  Google Suggest is the name of the auto complete function when you start to type in your keywords in the search box of the Google page.

The results of the suggestion tool are generated from the most frequent search terms.  Google officials have publicly stated that previously used search terms definitely influence the results. This means that the most popular used keyword phrases will be suggested for the keywords you begin to type in. So you see that this tool can be a great way to research your keywords and phrases.

Try to think like your customer would.  For example, your customer would type in "Jimmy Choo shoes in New York" not just shoes.  Make your keywords relevant like "we sell Jimmy Choo's" not "we sell expensive brand name shoes".  You will sell more by staying away from generic keywords and focus on the items or products that you do sell.

Double check your content to ensure that it is readable and not just a bunch of keywords and phrases structured to provide good seo.  If your content isn't good quality and doesn't make sense you will be defeating the purpose of your seo campaign.  You will also probably be penalized for over using them and not get the page ranking that you desire.

Your keyword campaign is an ever evolving process so constantly keep track of how your keywords are ranking with the search engines and fine tune or even drop the words that aren't performing to your expectations. Don't be afraid to use the secondary words you've chosen to replace the primary ones to see if they will boost your rank.

Hopefully this will help you to create stronger keywords for your content on your pages and lead you to experiment to achieve your goals in search engine optimization. 

Our next post will be about how to focus your main keyword in the content above the fold.  As always if you want more information or have a question you can always login to your client area account and use the help desk.

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