cPanel Complete Web Host Control Panel

cPanel Complete Web Host Control Panel

The first impression of cPanel's control panel can be expressed as basic. Nothing fancy or flashy; a simple interface with several icons representing the control panel's functions. This is also the reason why cPanel has grown to become such a popular and frequently used control panel by web hosts. What you get is exactly what you need to manage domains, emails, ftp file upload, server storage, and stats. One of the greatest functions offered by cPanel are service scripts allowing users to easily install blogs, CMS and more, plus other functions like clocks, counters, etc.

Video tutorials and Wizards

To make sure that the user finds everything and is 100% pleased with the cPanel interface, the user has complete access to the control panel preferences and know-how. Video tutorials and a wizard to get started, and editable style, language and profile settings to give user full control. VIBC clients can log in and click on the downloads link under Client Tools and download the complete manual.

Manage E-mail accounts
Not only can a user create email accounts, but he/she can manage them and prevent SPAM with MailScanner.  MailScanner is an excellent anti-spam and anti-virus software for your cPanel server.  MailScanner in combination with SpamAssassin uses a server-wide bayesian filter database to increase identification of spam.  Using MailScanner Configuration in your cPanel you can blacklist, whitelist or control spam settings to help eliminate false positives.  Users will also have access to their email though a webmail function and several more functions to complete the user's email experience.

Access Files with web based FTP
Devoted to the security and importance of website files cPanel offer a backup function with a wizard to help safely copy and store files in case they are lost or destroyed. Furthermore the user has a direct connection to files with a FTP function allowing the user to manage, upload or download files directly from the web browser.

Limited Stats
With over 8 statistical applications such as Webalizer, Bandwidth monitoring, Latest Visitors and Analog Stats and Error Log the user can monitor all aspects of their website.

Your website on Your terms
cPanel user has a variety of secure settings to choose between. Offering secure file transfer and remote logins with SSH, IP Blocking, Password Protection, message encryption and decryption using private key with GnuPG Keys.

Control, add and redirect domains
Park, redirect, add or create subdomains with just a few easy steps. Video tutorials are available to all functions enabling user to understand the process completely before attempting to use desired functions.

MySQL and PHPMyAdmin Databases
User can access, add, remove and manage databases in MySQL both directly through cPanel but also by using the Remote MySQL function. phpMyAdmin is also available.

Easy Blog and CMS installation
One of the most valuable functions are found under Software/Services, Cgi Center offering pre-installed CGI Scripts allowing users to display anything from a counter, clock, countdown timer, to a search engine and banners. A auto installer service Softaculous, is available to help the user install blogs (WordPress, Nucleus, b2evolution), content managagement systems (Joomla, PHP-Nuke, Drupal etc.), forums, ecommerce, image galleries and much more.

But Wait There's More
Futhermore the user can choose to customize control panel and website further. Personal error pages can be created, image display can be managed and command and scripts can be set to activate and deactivate at specific times.

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