Description Tags and SEO

Description Tags and SEO

Even though the description tags do not gain your website any ground in search engine rankings they are very important for getting click thoughs on search engine result pages from potential clients or customers. Do not over look the importance of this by making your description too short.

The average length of a description tag is roughly 155 characters.  Keep in mind that your description should use as many keywords pertinent to the page your describing as well as making the person doing the search want to click on your link to view your page.  In fact this is very important to remember that the searcher will be drawn into your page based on what your description says to him or her.

Most search engines will bold type the keywords relevent to the search queries used by the searcher.  Think of your description as an important part of your search marketing campaign. Be careful not to use quotation marks as search engines will cut your description short at the quotation mark.  Try to use only alphanumeric characters in your description.  Another crucial step is to have a unique description tag for each page on your website.

When used properly the description tag can increase your click through rates on search engine result pages which is what you're striving for in a search marketing campaign.  Our next article will be on headlines containing your keywords.

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